Greasemonkey AJAX request

AJAX request has some security restrictions to do cross-domain request and with the Greasemonkey AJAX request will show this common error in the console. Uncaught ReferenceError: GM_xmlhttpRequest is not defined Basically $.get(), $.post() or and other jQuery AJAX functions … Readmore +

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AJAX, jQuery File upload with the additional form fields

I have been searching a good file upload plugin with jQuery, PHP. I was searched a lot on internet for the cross browser AJAX upload for my website feature, Sadly not found a single plugin that work as per my … Readmore +

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Synchronous & Asynchronous Data Transmission

Synchronous & Asynchronous Data Transmission In Synchronous data transmission we can send the requests to the server in sequence and user also got the response from the server in sequential manner. That means server process single request at a time … Readmore +

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Need Of Ajax

Need of Ajax In client-server technology when client want some data from server then clients should request the server. At the same time if client request for the other request then this request goes into waiting state because server yet … Readmore +

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What is Ajax

Introduction Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) is a technology that allows a web page to perform actions or update dynamically,without completely reloading. The idea is that by using Ajax technology, a web site can be more responsive and interactive than … Readmore +

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