jQuery radio button click event

I have 5 radio buttons and jQuery is included in the source. But the event not getting fired. After searching found the solution for the problem. Here is my HTML and code for the jQuery click event. HTML: first second … Readmore +

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Handle broken, missing, not loaded images

Javascript provides “error” event to handle the missing or broken images. We can deal with it so you site visitors knows that there is something wrong with that image. What can we do if the image not found 1) Make … Readmore +

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AJAX, jQuery File upload with the additional form fields

I have been searching a good file upload plugin with jQuery, PHP. I was searched a lot on internet for the cross browser AJAX upload for my website feature, Sadly not found a single plugin that work as per my … Readmore +

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select2 dropdown jQuery Events

All are the events we can use for the select2 dropdown jQuery $(‘select’).select2() .on(“change”, function(e) { # When user select Value then change event fire alert(“changed value=” + e.val); }) .on(“select2-focus”, function(e) { alert(“focus”); }) .on(“select2-opening”, function() { # event … Readmore +

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select2 not showing placeholder

I have faced same problem. The html I have used for the select box is: <select id=”course” name=”course”> <option value=”test1″></option> <option value=”test2″></option> </select>   But this was not showing the placeholder “Select Course” I have added a new blank option … Readmore +

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